Industries are changing every day. Factors that have recently brought on the biggest changes are customers and technology. The changing and growing of customers and technology has had a major impact on the insurance industry as we know it, and the impact shows no sign of slowing down. A recent Huffington Post article wrote: “The way the insurance industry makes money, profitable as it may be, must be altered to better

We talk a lot about inbound customer calling and how it is a great way to gain new business and customers. In this post, I want to take the idea a step further and look at how to optimize these calls to ideally increase sales and customer satisfaction. Although it seems customers only want to buy insurance online, many people still want to talk to a real person, when buying

The internet is a huge part of society, and as we move further into the future the way people communicate and share information has moved from literal word of mouth to social media shares and chatter and online review sites. Online reviews are not only for restaurants and products they can also serve as an important part of your insurance business. Your inbound calling customers are using them and writing

I have been posting a lot about renewals, how to increase your renewal rate and what you can do to keep customers renewing. However, I have yet to discuss the simplest part of renewals; customer experience improvement. Customer experience should be one of the most important aspects of your insurance agency. I’m not just talking about new consumer calling customers, but also existing customers, customers who have been with your agency, 6-months,

In my last post, I wrote about how implementing the use of a claims app can also increase renewals due to customers liking the ease and dependability of you and your agency. While on the topic of renewals, let’s talk more about how to increase them, why some customers don’t renew and how to maintain and increase current customer renewal. According to, you can care about your clients and give

When auto customers get into an accident, they want the peace of mind of knowing it will be taken care of by their insurance, in an efficient and timely manner. You can help ease their concerns using a claims app, to help customers know the exact steps to take and in what order to take them when filing an insurance claim Accident apps are changing the insurance market and the

When you get an new inbound calling customer or lead it would make a lasting impression if you provide them with a insurance welcome packet. The welcome packet doesn’t need to be anything fancy, it could be something simple like a few fun pieces of swag, important information about you or your agency and any other useful documents you feel your new customers will need. Welcome packets should be given

Your inbound calling customers are always going to be looking for the best insurance deal at the best price. And if they can find a home and auto insurance bundle for a good price that will make it even more enticing and bundles are a great way to grow and increase your business Grow your Customer Base Bundles entice customers to want to work with you. Customers love to save

I post a lot about how the insurance industry is changing due to technology. A major change, that could especially impact future, specific, inbound calling auto insurance customers due to technology, is the autonomous or self-driving car, which most experts think will be dominating the roads by 2030. Much like I wrote in my last post, How Usage Based Insurance is Changing the Auto Industry, specifically through the use of driver

My last post was about 2017 trends we’ve seen in the insurance market. Another trend that has been popping up and will drastically effect auto insurance rates and how they are managed and sold, is UBI, or usage based insurance. According to UBI is expected to increase globally, from 12 million to 142 million customers, in the next seven years. What UBI means for inbound calling auto insurance customers is, the