In the past few years we have seen the insurance industry go through some major changes. Whether it’s getting your leads through inbound customer calling, using social media or buying leads, the insurance world has changed. As an Agent, you need to make sure you keep up with these changes and adapt how you do business to keep your agency on the cutting edge. Let’s look at three major trends

As an insurance agent how do you know if you are providing your existing and new inbound calling customers the best service you can? Simple, ask. How am I doing, is an easy question to ask, but not always an easy question to get answered. A way to solve this problem is through a survey. Finding out how you and your agency are doing can be scary, but it doesn’t

When thinking of selling insurance coverage we often think of it in terms of categories; auto, home, life, boat, motorcycle, business, etc. But what if you looked at the bigger picture of insurance sales and think more about umbrella selling to your inbound consumer insurance calling customers instead of singular selling and see if you notice growth in your insurance business. I obviously don’t need to explain to you what

Recently, I posted why giving free auto insurance quotes is a great way to grow business. Today I want to take that idea a step further and talk a little bit about how to make those quotes stand out among the rest. Auto insurance quotes are everywhere, they are free and most likely if you did not use inbound customer calling, you are not the only insurer the client has contacted.

There are many ways to gain new insurance clients, you can create your own leads or use live leads through inbound consumer calling. Regardless of how you are gaining new clients agents must continue to market themselves and their agency. I have talked about marketing ideas in the past and most recently wrote about ways to market, specifically auto insurance. Now, I want to take those ideas and combine them

We talk a lot about getting new insurance leads and consumer initiated inbound calls. But when it comes to leads, what really makes for a high-quality lead? Below are some characteristics of such insurance leads. Information One characteristic of a high-quality lead is it has all the information an Agent needs. describes these leads as generally very detailed, containing most of the information about the customers; name, email, phone

In pasts posts, I have written about how to market your insurance agency to new clients and inbound callers. But what if you want to market a specific section of your agency, say auto insurance? Below are a few ideas of how to specifically target audiences with marketing auto insurance. Participate in Local Auto shows A great outside the box idea for marketing auto insurance is local auto shows. Not

When you are already utilizing ways to gain new insurance customers such as inbound client calling, why would you think to give away anything for free? The idea of giving away products or information for free in business usually isn’t a good idea. However, when it comes to giving away information, in return for leads it can be a very good idea. Customers are always looking for the best deal

Gaining new business in an insurance agency is not an easy task these days. With so many to choose from, how do your customers know how to find you?This has been a topic amongst insurance agents over the past few years, many have found the use of insurance leads to gain new customers. However, are those leads as effective as they hope? With the internet now being the way to

As you probably know, we specialize in consumer initiated inbound calls, but what does that really mean for you? I talk all the time how the world has gone digital, and like so many business, so did the insurance industry. However, when they did, many agencies and marketers used online lead services to gain more business. This flooded the internet with online search leads and forms, and made it hard