We talk a lot about getting new insurance leads and consumer initiated inbound calls. But when it comes to leads, what really makes for a high-quality lead? Below are some characteristics of such insurance leads. Information One characteristic of a high-quality lead is it has all the information an Agent needs. Netquote.com describes these leads as generally very detailed, containing most of the information about the customers; name, email, phone

In pasts posts, I have written about how to market your insurance agency to new clients and inbound callers. But what if you want to market a specific section of your agency, say auto insurance? Below are a few ideas of how to specifically target audiences with marketing auto insurance. Participate in Local Auto shows A great outside the box idea for marketing auto insurance is local auto shows. Not

When you are already utilizing ways to gain new insurance customers such as inbound client calling, why would you think to give away anything for free? The idea of giving away products or information for free in business usually isn’t a good idea. However, when it comes to giving away information, in return for leads it can be a very good idea. Customers are always looking for the best deal

Gaining new business in an insurance agency is not an easy task these days. With so many to choose from, how do your customers know how to find you?This has been a topic amongst insurance agents over the past few years, many have found the use of insurance leads to gain new customers. However, are those leads as effective as they hope? With the internet now being the way to

As you probably know, we specialize in consumer initiated inbound calls, but what does that really mean for you? I talk all the time how the world has gone digital, and like so many business, so did the insurance industry. However, when they did, many agencies and marketers used online lead services to gain more business. This flooded the internet with online search leads and forms, and made it hard

According to statistics website, Statista.com, as of 2015 there were 1.07 million insurance agents, brokers and service employees in the United States. 1.07 million is a lot of competition when it comes to selling insurance, and the unfortunate part is most insurers are all saying and marketing themselves the same way. So, how are you setting yourself apart from the 1.07 million? Insurancejournal.com recommends starting with how you are marketing

Did you know 83% of loyalty program members say that rewards programs make them more likely to continue doing business with a certain brand? And a 2008 survey found it costs 500% more to acquire new customers than it does to keep current ones. Rewards programs, love them or hate them, they are a major part of the insurance business and can play a huge roll in whether or not your

Recently a majority of my posts have talked a lot about technology and how you can use it to grow your current leads and inbound customer calling business. Now, let’s look at that information further and see what you should be tracking within your agency to create continued business and growth. Email Open Rates After reading my post, How to use Email Marketing to gain more Insurance Customers, you hopefully

If you read my last post, you have started to think about how email marketing can increase your agencies insurance business. Now, let’s take that a step further and be more specific. A newsletter sent as part of your email marketing strategy is a great way to deliver content directly to your inbound consumer calling customers and continues to keep means of communication open. So how do you get started

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about tech and insurance and how insurance companies can utilize technology to increase their business. While, I have discussed many options such as, social media and consumer inbound calling, another great way to gain new customers is through email. Not only can email marketing increase your website visits, but it has become the top marketing tool for small business. One of the many great things