If you read my last post, you have started to think about how email marketing can increase your agencies insurance business. Now, let’s take that a step further and be more specific. A newsletter sent as part of your email marketing strategy is a great way to deliver content directly to your inbound consumer calling customers and continues to keep means of communication open. So how do you get started

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about tech and insurance and how insurance companies can utilize technology to increase their business. While, I have discussed many options such as, social media and consumer inbound calling, another great way to gain new customers is through email. Not only can email marketing increase your website visits, but it has become the top marketing tool for small business. One of the many great things

In my last post, I wrote about how if you are not using technology like consumer inbound calling or technology to grow your business, you really should start. Today we are going to further the tech talk, and delve a bit deeper into the inevitable use of social media to grow and help your agencies insurance business. Much like technology social media is here, and it has become a huge

With technology being a huge and ever growing force in society all industries are realizing the need to adapt to this ever-changing world. But, the insurance industry is lacking, when it comes to moving forward with the use of technology. In a January 2017 survey by West Monroe Partners, a full-service North American business and technology consultancy, found the “insurance industry has yet to join the big data revolution” —

People love feeling appreciated. They also love receiving some sort of thank you gesture. Your inbound calling auto insurance customers are no different. Remember how I have said you need to gain your customers trust and build a relationship. A great way to increase both trust and add to your relationship is through a simple thank you gesture. When your dentist sends you a thank you card or Starbucks gives

Auto insurance, everyone knows they need it and everyone should have it. However, the type of coverage can vary depending on the person and their lifestyle. Auto insurance isn’t a one size fits all type of coverage, so how do you figure out what is the best fit for your inbound auto insurance caller? Start by asking questions, but not just any questions, start by asking the right questions. Here are

In my last two posts, I wrote about how to retain and grow your customer base, and how to then come up with a retention strategy. Well, part of that strategy was to provide your customers with an annual review of their policy. In this post, I’m going to discuss a bit further why that is important, and maybe you will even get a few ideas why you should be

Inbound insurance calling customers are great, they come to you and are usually ready to buy, but once you get them you need to retain them. The more customers you retain, the more they will use you in the future and most likely refer you to friends and family. So, how do you retain customers? I recommend having a retention plan or strategy. By having a strategy, you already have

When you gain an auto insurance customer through an inbound call, don’t look at it as if you are providing them with only auto insurance. We at Avenge like to think the best way into the home is through the garage. We like this, because it is saying that once you have an auto insurance customer you now hopefully have a customer for life, if you continue to retain your

Millennials, regardless of how you feel about them, they are here to stay and have now surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest living generation ever. They have steady jobs, confidence, and understand and live their lives through being connected. Like the rest of us, they still need auto insurance. But how do you tap into the promotional skeptical group? Here are three of my top tips. Get technologically connected Millennials