Inbound insurance calls are great, you know what the person needs and you know they were sent to you because you can help them. However, if you had a way to make your call interaction better you would want to know, right? Below are 5 of my favorite tips for making auto insurance calls/leads more successful. Always ask the right questions When you go to a place that changes your

As a provider of consumer initiated inbound calls we utilize another useful feature, which we also provide, call recording. Call recording is quite useful for an insurance call for reasons such as tracking, training producers in the office and legal issues. Another perk about the call tracking we use is it’s also TCPA compliant, which is incredibly important to you, your customer and the Federal Government. Insurance call recording can be used

Let’s talk about something you do every day, but don’t always put much thought into it, writing headlines. I know you sell insurance, and you do that through gaining customers via inbound direct calls or leads, but remember this post on the importance of follow up communication with insurance leads or calls? Every follow-up email you write has a headline. A headline that you hope is intriguing enough to get someone to

As you probably know, we specialize in consumer initiated inbound calls, but what does that really mean for you? I talk all the time how the world has gone digital, and like so many business, so did the insurance industry. However, when they did, many agencies and marketers used online lead services to gain more business. This flooded the internet with online search leads and forms, and made it hard

Have you ever started a conversation with a client, and you feel like you have made good headway and then before you know it you never hear from them again? Well, that is how clients feel when you don’t follow up on a direct connect call or warm lead. The customer doesn’t know what happens and moves on to an agent that returns communication. As I said in other posts,

Besides direct connected inbound calls and buying leads, another way to gain new customers is through marketing; marketing yourself and your agency. Here is a list of our top 3 favorite tips for insurance marketing. Social Media As I have said in the past, the world has gone digital and this digital world is extremely social. With the use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blogs, free marketing is at your fingertips,

When talking about insurance leads, there are all sorts of industry words thrown around. Words like warm, live, pre-qualifying and direct connect. With all of these types of leads, how to do you know which is the best for you and your agency? Let me break it down for you. Live leads are the easiest and best to work with. A live lead is just what it sounds like, live.

In a recent post, I told you how we do not participate in robocalling, but instead use an inbound calling system. Did you know it is because of our inbound calls that we are TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) compliant?  This is great for you and your business, because we send you inbound calls, you’re assured they are safe, and thus TCPA agreeable. As you know, our customers come to us through

In my last post, we discussed how to nurture inbound leads. In this post, I want to take a step back and look at a type of lead that we prefer over another; live insurance calls vs online leads. Live inbound calls are great because they are just what they say, live. There is an actual person who has taken the time to filter through what the customer is looking

So we’ve given you an insurance lead through our inbound calling system, what do you do with them now? Glad you asked. Not every lead we send your way is going to buy a policy on the spot, sometimes they are just researching their options. In this case, you need to start nurturing your leads, the best way to do this is by setting up a lead nurturing program. By