Inbound leads are becoming the way of the future for insurance. Gone are the days where you run after the client hassling them to call you back. Now companies like us and others are making it so the client comes to you. As I said this can be done through groups like Avenge Digital who direct callers to you or it can be done through a few useful tools. The

The world has gone digital; online dating, drone delivery, self-parking cars, the same should be said for insurance leads. As an Agent, it is important to always look for leads in the right places. As we move further into the digital age places like the internet are making having to call for leads a thing of the past. According to the Nielsen Company report, American’s spend an average of 10

Robocalling, agree or disagree, it happens and according to the FTC it is not a good thing and really is a thing of the past, due to the DNC. Plus, let’s face it the public just does not like robo-calls. That’s where we can help. We make it our business not to robocall. Instead we will help you figure out better ways to get leads by helping them come to you, via inbound

Cross Selling is a great way to get more leads. If your customer already has an auto policy with you, why not see if they will also insure their home, motorcycle or boat? As they say, the best way into the home is through the garage. “Through the garage” is our specialty, did you know Avenge Digital is already one of the top buyers of Auto insurance calls in the US?

As an Agent, you are always looking for the best way to find the next lead. Purchased leads are an easy way to go, but what about generating your own leads? Not sure where to start, we are here to help. Here is a list of 5 ways I have found useful, for you to generate your own leads and their benefits. Direct Advertising Direct advertising has obvious advantages, due

When looking at comparing your return on investment with different vendors, it’s important to make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  Insurance Lead Guide has a great ROI calculator which can be found here. While there are many calculators out there that can help, your agency may measure ROI differently than others.  If working with an online lead source, you’ll want to make sure to consider your contact rate in addition

Bringing in the new year is always an exciting time, and the time when consumer requests for insurance increase.  As many agents evaluate their successes and shortcomings in 2016, and look for new ideas to make 2017 more successful, we wanted to share some tips to get your new year off on the right foot! Here are some best practices we’ve heard from many agents: Marketing automation for a more

In the insurance industry, marketing is vital to bringing in new business and helps local agents stand out from the crowd.  In doing so, there are a few channels an insurance agent can choose to get this done.  When working with clients, we want to make sure they know of all available options to optimize their marketing strategy. While there is no one perfect solution, this breakdown can be a helpful

When working insurance leads, your follow up strategy is going to be the difference between closing 1% up to anything over 30%.  I know… 30% close rate seems impossible sometimes, but know that with some small tweaks, totally doable! When doing a regular analysis of your marketing strategy, often times it’s easy to over look the human capital in your office.  The variable of how efficient your staff is can