Inbound leads are becoming the way of the future for insurance. Gone are the days where you run after the client hassling them to call you back. Now companies like us and others are making it so the client comes to you. As I said this can be done through groups like Avenge Digital who direct callers to you or it can be done through a few useful tools.

The Internet

As in a previous post, with people spending so much time on the internet already it is a great place to get inbound leads. According to Hometown Quotes, more than two-thirds of prospects requested quotes online. It’s easy for people to google what type of insurance they are looking for and if set up correctly you have a form for them to fill out on your site so you collect their information.

Quality over Quantity

I understand that gaining more leads sounds like it would equate to more sales, but in actuality, more quality leads can lead to more sales and a bit less work on your behalf. Revimedia says, finding those who have expressed interest and researched their insurance policies are more likely to buy. By looking for more quality leads it takes away the shooting fish in barrel idea.


Establishing a rapport with clients builds trust. Bill Abbott, agency principle at Abbott Insurance Agency, says by building a relationship at the beginning brings people back to you. No one wants to feel like you are just getting their information and then leaving. This could go back to quality. By building a rapport with your client you now know they are serious about their insurance needs. Something as simple as this could set you above your competitors.

Ask Questions

You are never going to be able to give your client the best service without knowing what is going on in their lives. Ask easy questions; where do you live, what do you do for work; educational background, but then delve deeper. Ask follow up questions. If you are doing this by email or phone, make a list ahead of time. Ask other agents what they ask, google questions. Or think of it like a regular conversation. Asking more questions will lead to really getting to know your client and finding the right policy for them now and their needs down the road.


I know this seems obvious, but following up on leads is probably one of the most important things you could do. Think of it as starting a new relationship. After the first date, you are going to say, “ok I had a great time learned a lot about you, but you will never hear from me again.” No, you are going to send a text, call, send flowers and schedule more dates. Same with leads. Although you asked the questions and built a rapport a lot of work is still needed.  An email is perfect, not too pushy, but when done well lets them know you are still around.  A phone call works well too, just please don’t do it at dinner and never say you are calling to “follow-up.” Sales Gravy recommends something like; “Hi, _______, this is ______ ______ calling with the ABC Company.  I’ve been looking forward to speaking with you, and I’m sure you’ve looked at the information I sent and probably even have a few questions.” This is perfect, you are referring them back to information that they requested and you don’t sound all “salesy” and as Sales Gravy says, it puts you in control and overrides any resistance.

Some of these tools probably seem a bit obvious, but sometimes we forget and with the increased use of inbound leads being the way insurance is headed, a refresher is never a bad idea.

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