According to the J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Auto Insurance Study, the number of customers receiving an annual rate increase of more than $200 per vehicle has more than doubled during the past four years. This has had a considerable negative effect on customer satisfaction, and creates a tense marketplace for agents and brokers nationally. The thought of price shopping consumers scares away many agents from marketing to these types of consumers.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who owns a permanent life insurance policy (or are thinking about getting one!) you’ve probably done it primarily to protect your loved ones. But over time, many of your financial obligations may have ended. That’s when your policy can take on a new life—as a powerful tool to make your retirement more secure and enjoyable. Permanent life insurance can open up options

Adding video content to your insurance website is a great way to make effective, interactive content, visitors will not only learn from, but also share. I know, I have written about how the insurance industry is lagging on the technology train, but an easy way to get back on that train is through web based videos. Now that you are on board, what kind of videos do your inbound customers want

An easy way to provide your customers with insurance resources, and a solid way for free marketing is to add a blog to your insurance website. Blogs are usually free to set-up, are often short posts that take minimal amount of time to write and provide content to your various social media channels. But, brainstorming ideas for posts can often be tedious and sometimes incredibly difficult. In this post, we are going

We talk a lot about why it’s so important for your insurance business to communicate with your inbound calling clients. We have listed many ways to reach out to them, but one we haven’t really touched on is a blog. Adding a blog to your insurance website provides a great resource for your customers and a way to share information about what is going on within your agency. It also provides content

Last post, we talked about how selling on priceis not as useful as you had hoped for your insurance agency. Instead of selling on price, I suggested selling on value, but how do you do that and what does value really mean? Value is defined as the importance or usefulness of something. Using this definition and not selling on price, what area of importance or something of use are you providing

Remember when your friends were all doing something and you wanted to do it and your Mom said if everyone was jumping off a bridge would you? Well, your Mom was probably right then, and she would be right now if you are considering selling insurance based on price, because “everyone” else is doing it. You see the commercials from Big Box insurance companies touting about how they have the

Industries are changing every day. Factors that have recently brought on the biggest changes are customers and technology. The changing and growing of customers and technology has had a major impact on the insurance industry as we know it, and the impact shows no sign of slowing down. A recent Huffington Post article wrote: “The way the insurance industry makes money, profitable as it may be, must be altered to better

We talk a lot about inbound customer calling and how it is a great way to gain new business and customers. In this post, I want to take the idea a step further and look at how to optimize these calls to ideally increase sales and customer satisfaction. Although it seems customers only want to buy insurance online, many people still want to talk to a real person, when buying

The internet is a huge part of society, and as we move further into the future the way people communicate and share information has moved from literal word of mouth to social media shares and chatter and online review sites. Online reviews are not only for restaurants and products they can also serve as an important part of your insurance business. Your inbound calling customers are using them and writing