When thinking of selling insurance coverage we often think of it in terms of categories; auto, home, life, boat, motorcycle, business, etc. But what if you looked at the bigger picture of insurance sales and think more about umbrella selling to your inbound consumer insurance calling customers instead of singular selling and see if you notice growth in your insurance business.

I obviously don’t need to explain to you what umbrella insurance is, but you will need to break it down for your clients. The average insurance customer doesn’t understand why they would need more coverage. When offering them the “why” breakdown, inform them of all the reasons they would need umbrella coverage for themselves, family or business. Let them know it will help with things they might not think about like; pet injuries, rental properties, home accidents, auto accidents in another country or auto accidents that are over their regular policy. These are not concerns customers think about when shopping for insurance. Insurance situations like these are excellent examples of ways to further explain to the client, why their basic coverage might not be enough and how they can gain more, different and better coverage through an umbrella policy.

If a new inbound insurance caller is not ready for an umbrella policy right at first, they might be in a year. You might remember my post; how annual insurance policy reviews will help customer retention. During these reviews would be a good time to discuss umbrella policies with your customers. As I wrote in the post, you are the expert at risk management, your customers are not, so by you providing them with an annual policy review it instills their trust in you, placing you as more of an advisor and less of a salesman. By finding out what may have changed in their lives within the past year and recommending more effective and efficient ways, through umbrella policies to gain coverage, they will continue to trust you and look to you for advice.

Umbrella policies might seem a bit tricky to sell at first, but with a trusted relationship and a better client understanding of how these policies could help them, the clients most likely will come around. Have you had any experience with selling umbrella policies? Let us know in the comments.

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