As a provider of consumer initiated inbound calls we utilize another useful feature, which we also provide, call recording. Call recording is quite useful for an insurance call for reasons such as tracking, training producers in the office and legal issues. Another perk about the call tracking we use is it’s also TCPA compliant, which is incredibly important to you, your customer and the Federal Government.

Insurance call recording can be used as something every busy agent needs, a memory aide. You have so many things you are doing throughout the day, that even if you took the best notes on your direct connect call you can still miss things. Call tracking can help solve this problem. Instead of having to call the client back go to the recording and listen again, make sure all your notes match up and you are good.

As I mentioned above, call recording is also a perfect way to train producers. Instead of giving them “what if” situations this gives your employees real life scenario training without risking customer interactions they might not be ready for. These recordings can not only be used for what to do, but also what not to do, which is just as important.

A final reason insurance call recording is helpful, is it can keep you out of legal problems and disputes. If you have an angry customer that says they did not say that, go to the recording. It can also act as a verbal agreement in some cases and depending upon your state. Call recording can also keep you and your businesses compliant with federal regulations.

So, the bottom line, when you decide to use consumer initiated inbound calls think about the usefulness of call recoding and tracking, and know when you work with us it’s TCPA compliant and is a great way to help your business and your employees be better for both you and the customer.


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