When you gain an auto insurance customer through an inbound call, don’t look at it as if you are providing them with only auto insurance. We at Avenge like to think the best way into the home is through the garage. We like this, because it is saying that once you have an auto insurance customer you now hopefully have a customer for life, if you continue to retain your current customer base. Now, we are not saying only concentrate on your current customers. We still want you to go and find new ones, but a balance can certainly be created to keep and grow the current ones, while still gaining new ones.

One way to keep current customers is to volunteer to solve problems before they happen. You are in the risk management business; your customers are not. So, they depend on you to help them with the part of their lives that you protect. Agencyevolutioin.com recommends, using your knowledge to not only sell and service your customers, but to also provide advice about risks they may not know they face. This same tactic can also be used for newly obtained customers.

Another great way to both keep current customers and gain new ones is by reaching out and constantly communicating. I know I probably mention this in every post, but keeping communication open is so important. It makes your current customers feel important and lets them know they are getting their money’s worth, and depending upon the types of communications you use, I recommend many different ones, it will also help in gaining new ones. In the post, Tips for Nurturing Inbound Insurance Leads, I mentioned several ways to keep in touch with current clients, social media is one of my tips. Social media is one of the ways keeping in contact with current customers will also increase new customers. By contacting current customers on social media, you are reaching out to them in a public forum. New customers could see this and think, wow I want an agent who does that; keeping old, gaining new.

Finally, be part of the community. I’ve touched on this a bit in past posts. By being part of your community it shows your current customers you care about where you live, and where they live. It will make them proud of having you are their insurer and keep them trusting you for their further insurance needs. Making your company part of the community will inevitably attract new customers as well. Think of it as marketing through involvement.

So, you see, keeping current customers and gaining new ones doesn’t have to be a one or the other job, it can be done together with a little innovation. Do you have a way your company works to keep or gain customers? Let us know!


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